About Cantonese Language

Cantonese or Yue is a major Chinese dialect group or language, a member of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages. Inside Hong Kong, it is known as 廣東話 (Cantonese). Outside of Hong Kong it is referred to as 粵語 (Mandarin: Yuè Yǔ). The exact number of Cantonese speakers is unknown due to a lack of statistics and census data. The areas with the highest concentration of speakers are in Guangdong and some parts of Guangxi in southern mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau

Cantonese is also very commonly used, especially in local shops, restaurants, markets etc. Guangdong is one of the very few Han ethnic places that have their own televisions and radio stations operated in their local dialects, so a cultural identity associated with the Cantonese language is strong. Some may “look down upon” those who cannot speak Cantonese

written Cantonese does not exist; almost always formal written communication is conducted in hanyu. But in fact, over time, Cantonese has modified hanyu characters for unique expressions, syntax, and words. As a result, informally, written Cantonese does in fact exist, although used mostly for transcription of speech and informal forms of communications. However, they are so important for communication, that the government of Hong Kong has incorporated them into a special Supplemental Character Set (HKSCS).

Our Cantonese Language Lesson

  • Taught by qualified and experienced NATIVE BILINGUAL instructors
  • These courses focus on the four basic modules of communication skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • The language could easily be learned by learners of all levels (students, business people, professionals, children, housewives, etc)

We are offering the following courses in Cantonese language:

  • Regular Classes
  • Business Classes
  • Conversational Classes
  • Private Classes (one on one)
  • Kids Classes
  • Holiday Intensive Courses
Level :All Levels (Ranging from Beginner to Advanced Levels)
Frequency :Once a week for weekend classes (10 lessons @ 2 hours per lesson)
Twice a week for weekday classes (10 lessons @ 2 hours per lesson)

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