About English Language

The English language is a member of the West Germanic group of the Germanic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. Spoken by about 470 million people throughout the world, English is the official language of about 45 nations.

It is the mother tongue of about 60 million persons in the British Isles, from where it spread to many other parts of the world owing to world exploration, colonization and expansion of the British Empire from the 17th to the 19th century. It is now also the first language of 228 million people in the United States; 16.5 million in Canada; 17 million in Australia; 3 million in New Zealand and a number of Pacific islands; and approximately 15 million others in different parts of the Western Hemisphere, Africa, and Asia.

As a result of such expansion, English is the most widely scattered language of the great speech communities. It is also the most commonly used auxiliary language in the world. The United Nations uses English not only as one of its official languages but also as one of its two working languages.

If your loved ones go to another country where they do not speak the native tongue and the country’s primary language is not English, they will more often than not be able to find someone who can speak at least a little English. According to funeasyenglish.com, more than 900 million people in the world are either native English speakers or speak English as a second language. If your loved ones know English, they have a chance to communicate almost anywhere that they travel on the planet.

The English language is important in the world today because of the dominant position of the United States in an increasingly globalized world. Because it is important for many countries to do business with the United States, it is helpful for the people of those countries to learn English.

We often speak of English as “the international language”. Why? Because it seems that the global community has agreed to use English as the lingua franca or preferred language of communication. English is not only useful — it gives the speaker a good deal of satisfaction.

Learning to speak good English may be the best thing you can do to improve the quality of your life.

Do you wish to make a quantum leap forward in your career, leaving others miles behind? You will have success at your fingertips if you speak good English.

  • Taught by experienced, friendly and dedicated local instructors and native speakers.
  • The language could easily be learned by learners of all levels (students, business people, professionals, children, housewives, etc).

We are offering the following English courses:

  • Regular Classes
  • Business Classes
  • Conversational Classes
  • One on one Private Classes
  • Kids Classes
  • Holiday Intensive Courses
Level :All Levels (Elementary to Advanced Levels)
Frequency :Once a week for weekend classes (10 lessons @ 2 hours per lesson)
Twice a week for weekday classes (10 lessons @ 2 hours per lesson)

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