About Japanese Language

The JAPANESE language has always played a significant role in Japanese culture. The Japanese is spoken mainly in Japan, but also in some Japanese emigrant communities around the word.

Japanese is written with a combination of three scripts: hiragana, katakana and kanji

It generally employs a subject-object-verb order, using particles to mark the grammatical functions of the word.
Reading and writing Japanese are advanced skills which take years of work to gain much real proficiency.

JAPANESE Culture is eclectic in nature. The indigenous Jomon culture of Japan has now become modified into a hybrid culture that is concoction of cultures of Europe, North America and other countries of Asia. Especially after the world wars,Japan was profoundly influenced by American and European culture, where reflections of these can be seen in the music and fashion of the country. The traditional culture of Japan is reflected in its clothing, music, literature, cuisine and sports.

The traditional Japanese dress is Kimono; initially the term ‘Kimono’ referred to all types of clothing of Japan, but now it refers only to the full-length garment, which is also known as naga-gi. Today ‘Kimono’ is worn by men and women only during any traditional festival and occasion. In daily life the Japanese people wear Western clothing, which includes trousers, skirts, t-shirts, sweaters of various styles, Western-style undergarments and Western-style footwear.

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