About Korean Language

Korean is a language spoken by about 63 million people in South Korea, North Korea, China, Japan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia. The relationship between Korean and other languages is not known for sure, though some linguists believe it to be a member of the Altaic family of languages. Grammatically Korean is very similar to Japanese and about 70% of its vocabulary comes from china.

But because of the differences between Chinese and Korean, Chinese characters could not adequately denote Korean speech. Further, only the elite could afford the time necessary to study Chinese, so King Sejong (1397-1450) commissioned the invention of a phonetic script which is both more efficient and more accessible to the common people. Described as one of the most scientific alphabets ever devised, Han’gul consists of 24 letters: 14 consonants and 10 vowels.

The Korean language has a two-tier system in which indigenous words with no association with Chinese characters and Chinese characters (i.e., words of direct Chinese origin and with an associated Chinese character) vocabularies are both used and can be both written using the phonetically designed Korean alphabet. Currently, the McCune Reischauer system is most widely used for the romanisation.

Our Korean Language Lesson

  • Taught by qualified and experienced NATIVE BILINGUAL instructors
  • These courses focus on the four basic modules of communication skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • The language could easily be learned by learners of all levels (students, business people, professionals, children, housewives, etc)

We are offering the following courses in Korean language:

  • Regular Classes
  • Business Classes
  • Conversational Classes
  • Private Classes (one on one)
  • Kids Classes
  • Holiday Intensive Courses
Level :All Levels (Ranging from Beginner to Advanced Levels)
Frequency :Once a week for weekend classes (10 lessons @ 2 hours per lesson)
Twice a week for weekday classes (10 lessons @ 2 hours per lesson)

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